Our Firm

In 1982, Mark Catanese began his career with New York Life Insurance Agency in Amherst, New York.  It was his desire to be able to provide a comprehensive range of services that led him to form his own organization, with the assistance of his partner, and wife, Jean. In 1991, they incorporated as Capital Management Group of Niagara, Inc.



Capital Management Group of Niagara, Inc. provides individual insurance, employee benefits and investment services to many of the local families, small and large businesses, and many of the largest employing Western New York Municipalities and serving many of the WNY Chambers and its members.

Our Team

Mark A. Catanese-General Agent/Financial Advisor


Jean M. Catanese-President- Capital Management Group of Niagara, Inc.

Registered Principal-jcatanese@cmgniagara.com

Joseph Ventresca-Securities Branch Manager  of OSJ-411


Penny Brink-Operations Manager


Andrea Scarupa-  Administrative Assistant



Registered Representatives under our Supervision as an OSJ

Andrew Barilec - abarilec@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Joseph Bufalino-jbufalino@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Robert Catalano -rcatalano@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Gregory Collesano - collesano@cmgniagara.com

Frank Diulus - fdiulus@ae.cadaretgrant.com

John Hager - hagerjp@ae.cadaretgrant.com

C. Peter Henderson - phenderson@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Adrianne M. O'Hagan - aohagan@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Stephen A. Nappo -Steve@nappofinacialservices.com

Victoria Nappo -Tori@nappofinancialservices.com

Michael Anthony Lis -Mike@gobeyondwealthmanagement.com

James McElhinny - jmcelhinny@ae.cadaretgrat.com

Timothy McMahon - tmcmahon@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Brian Silverberg -bsilverberg@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Wayne C. Young - wyoung@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Carl Walck, Jr. - cwalck@ae.cadaretgrant.com

Matthew Wright - mwright@ae.cadaretgrant.com